Bagel Quarters

Lox and Cream Cheese

Bagel Quarters

BC Albacore Tuna and Tomato

Tuna Poke

with Radish, Green Onion, Sesame on a Toasted Nori Cracker with Radish Sprouts

Tea Sandwiches

Lox and Cream Cheese Swirls

Scallop on a Cocktail Spoon

with Fennel Slaw

Kaffir Lime Tuna

with Red Curry, Coconut and Peanut


Lox, Cream Cheese and Dill

Cherry Tomato Cups

filled with Salad Nicoise, BC Albacore Tune and Olives

Cinnamon Rubbed Albacore Tuna

on a Lotus Chip topped with Sesame Brittle

Miso Ling Cod, Spaghetti Squash, Pumpkin Seed